PA Human Relations seeks to change the definition of “sex”

Synopsis:  Apparently Governor Wolf has given up on the legislature passing a homosexual special rights bill, so the PA Human Relations Commission is seeking to change the definition of “sex” to include “sex stereotyping.”  If its proposal is approved, they will use the new criteria to conduct their investigation and simply bypass the People’s elected legislators!


Currently there is a bill in the State Senate that would add “sexual orientation and gender identity or expression” to the PA Human Relations Act.  (FYI:  The current Republican candidate for governor, Senator Scott Wagner, is a co-sponsor of the bill!)  State Rep Dan Frankel is circulating a co-sponsorship memo for a similar bill, but the House version has not been introduced yet. This repeated attempt to extend special protections to homosexuals and take away the religious freedom of Christians has been going on for over a decade, but now the attack is coming from another angle.

Now, the tactic has changed and the PA Human Relations Commission (PAHRC) is seeking to simply change the definition of ‘sex’ in the law to now mean “sex stereotyping.”  If their proposed change is approved, the PAHRC will expand their investigations to include that redefinition.  They are taking public comment on this proposed changed until May 26th!  That’s just next week!!

Here’s some of what will happen if they are successful:

1.)  All schools (even religious schools not directly under the authority of a church) would be forced to open their girls’ bathrooms, showers and locker rooms to boys who think they are girls and vice versa, open their sports teams to anyone, allow male athletes who think they are female to room with girls in an away game situation requiring an overnight stay.

2.)  All public accommodations (restaurants, stores, health clubs, gyms, parks, libraries, bowling alleys, amusement parks, etc.) would be forced to allow men who think they are women to use the women’s facilities.

3.)  Force all business owners to allow male employees who think they are female to use the women’s bathroom and vice versa.

4.)  Business owners would not be permitted to have a dress code that forbids men from wearing dresses and high heels to work.

5.)  Christian bakers, florist, photographers, videographers, owners of a  bed and breakfast, etc. would be required to use their God-given talents or business to participate in same-sex ‘weddings’ or be fined or forced out of business.

6.)  Christian business owners will be forced to create  products for homosexual groups i.e. t-shirts, cards, etc.

Those are only six potential scenarios and those are only the tip of the iceberg.

This work around the representatives elected by the people is a desperate move on the part of homosexual activists and their allies in the state government.  The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission is taking public comments on these proposed changes, but the deadline is May 26th!

Action Steps

Click here   to send a message to Christina Reese, who is taking public comment about the proposed changes in the way the PA Human Relations Commission investigates ‘sex’ discrimination.

Do you  know a business owner who does not want to be forced to allow men in the women’s bathroom??  Then contact him or her!

Do you know a parent who has a child in a private Christian school or a public school??  Let them know what is about to happen!

Do you know an administrator or teacher in a private Christian school??  Let them know what is coming straight at them from Harrisburg!

Please forward this important alert to other like-minded Pennsylvanians.

It is very important that the PA Human Relations Commission hears from thousands of people who oppose this change.  It is guaranteed that they will be hearing from a majority of the 2.7% of Pennsylvanians who identify as LGBTQ.

In His Service,
Diane Gramley

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