Our founding as a nation has always been influenced by people of faith. Now we see people of faith who are not willing to be part of the political landscape.  It is time for the church to arise and be salt and light.  In order to affect a nation as a whole, we must be engaged locally.  On our faces before God – on our feet before the people.  It is time to put feet to our prayers.

Most Christians feel unqualified to engage with their local elected officials.  While prayer is vital in this arena of politics, faith without works is dead.  It is time for the church to act.

We at SoCo endeavor to keep up with current legislation, contact our legislators to represent our values, look for candidates who have a Biblical world view and work actively to get them elected.  We promote candidates who, once elected, we do not have to lobby.  This is why we say, From Knees to Feet.  The answer for American is not found in the Legislative House or the White House, but in God’s house as God’s people rise from their slumber, roll up their sleeves and work to restore this nation as a light upon a hill.